Appointment Information

At certain times of year, because of demand individual Approved Smithells® Professionals may have wait times of weeks to months.

If the first Approved Smithells® Professional you choose is not available to provide an appointment in your time frame, please contact another Approved Smithells® Professional.

Please note: When you attend an appointment with your Approved Smithells® Professional, s/he will charge you for the time spent. The cost of the appointment is paid for separately, over and above the charge for doing either set of online Questionnaires on the Smithells®NZ website.

Who are the Approved Smithells® Professionals?

How soon can I have an appointment with an Approved Smithells® Professional?

How long do appointments last?

How much do face-to-face appointments cost?

What if I think I cannot get to an appointment with an Approved Smithells® Professional?

Does Smithells®NZ recommend an appointment? Yes, definitely!

What benefits does a face-to-face appointment add?

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone an appointment?