I can find free careers 'stuff' on the web. Why pay to do the Smithells® Questionnaires?

  • Yes, you can find lots of free careers 'stuff' on the web. A lot of these 'free' assessments and careers questionnaires do charge you for a report.
  • A lot of young people who see a Smithells® Professional mention having done free online careers surveys or assessments that left them confused or doubting the results.
  • Smithells®NZ charges you, with no hidden costs, for access to the Smithells® Questionnaires and for your emailed summary.
  • Why do we charge? Many clients and client families encouraged us to put the Questionnaires online and to charge for them.
  • Our young web clients consistently tell Smithells®NZ: The online questionnaires are fun, easy to follow and make you think.
  • The parents of our young clients often comment: The online questionnaires work very well and are well worth the cost. The website and summary look very professional.




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