How effective are the online Smithells® Questionnaires just on their own?

The Smithells® Career Planning System was designed so young people can:

  • do the online Career Planning Questionnaires,
  • discuss their career ideas with family, friends and others they trust
  • start thinking actively about their career direction and next career step,
  • do career counselling with a Smithells® Professional face-to-face.

Since June 2008, when the website went ‘live’, a consistent 90% of web clients who do the online Questionnaires, go and see a Smithells® Professional face-to-face.

The questionnaires on their own are effective for 10% of all web clients.

From feedback received by Smithells®NZ, this 10% set their career direction, confirm their career choice or figure out their next career step, just by doing the online Smithells® Questionnaires, reading their emailed summary and discussing their career ideas and their summary with

  • parents, family or family friends
  • a close friend
  • a teacher, coach, dean or careers advisor
  • a minister or pastor




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