Does Smithells®NZ recommend an appointment? Yes!

  • Yes. Smithells®NZ recommends that every web client who completes the Smithells® Career Planning Questionnaires and wants to gain more from their Career Information Summary, requests or confirms an appointment with a Smithells® Professional, and forwards the Summary to that Smithells® Professional.
  • All Smithells® Professionals are members of the Smithells® Group, a nationwide network of independent career professionals. All are specially trained to work with teenagers and young adults, to:
    • Understand & make clearer the information in your Summary
    • Help you understand themselves a little better
    • Explore with you what makes you unique with you
    • Work out, confirm, adjust or fine tune career directions
    • Help you with selecting subjects and choosing qualifications or courses
    • Outline with you options for those qualifications or courses
    • Create steps in a realistic career plan that suits you
    • To find the Smithells® Professional(s) nearest to you, click here
    • If you live outside New Zealand or in a part of New Zealand where you think it might be tricky to travel to see your nearest Smithells® Professional, click here




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