How much do appointments cost?

A first face-to-face career planning session usually costs between NZ $315-$640.

This cost can vary a lot because Smithells® Professionals work in different locations and set their own hourly rates.

Sometimes during an appointment, issues come up that are likely to affect that young person’s career decisions and choices. Such issues typically need to be worked through at the time, until the young person feels clearer. These issues tend to add extra time and extra cost to appointments.

Like many other professional people providing services, Smithells® Professionals typically charge by the hour and part-hour for their services.

For example, if your appointment lasts for 2.0 hours, you pay for 2.0 hours. If it lasts 2.5 hours, you are charged for 2.5 hours.

Smithells®NZ recommends you ask the Smithells® Professional you contact to make an appointment, what their hourly rate, charges and wait time are likely to be.

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