What happens if I need to cancel or postpone an appointment?

  • As is the case with many other professionals, your Smithells® Professional will have a cancellation & postponement policy.
  • Smithells® Professionals may charge for any cancellation or postponement of appointments within two workdays of the scheduled appointment. By this time, your Smithells® Professional involved will have spent time reading and your Career Information Summary and preparing for your appointment. Professional involved has spent time reading your questionnaire data summary and preparing for your appointment.
  • At such short notice, the cancelled or postponed appointment time may not be able to be filled.
  • If you have been provided with consultation time by telephone, fax or email before your first appointment and then cancel that appointment, you will very likely incur a charge for that Smithells® Professional’s time, regardless of the stage at which you cancel or postpone the appointment.
  • It is important to check what cancellation & postponement policy your Smithells® Professional has.
  • If you do need to cancel or postpone an appointment you have made, it is important to let your Smithells® Professional know as soon as possible.




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