If I have an issue, a concern or a complaint to do with face-to-face career planning with a Smithells®Professional, what do I do?

  • Typically, in most professions, including the careers profession, almost all concerns and complaints are addressed and resolved straightforwardly between the client and the professional person, working together in an open, respectful, co-operative and timely manner.
  • If you have an issue, concern or complaint to do with career planning with an individual Smithells® Professional, your first step is to put the matter in writing (email or letter) to that Smithells® Professional. It is important to share your concern, air the complaint or issue, ask for clarification and seek resolution.
  • That Smithells® Professional will contact you to respond and sort things out.
  • Very occasionally, a client and a Smithells® Professional may require extra ways to work through a concern, issue or complaint. All Smithells® Professionals are members of CDANZ, the Career Development Association of New Zealand.
  • Smithells®NZ encourages you to contact and share your concern with the chairperson of the branch of CDANZ to which that Smithells® Professional belongs. You can find this information by clicking here.




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