What does Smithells®NZ do?

  • With the technical support of Macrotech, a Hamilton-based web development and management company, Smithells®NZ manages this website.
  • Smithells®NZ also trains and approves independent career professionals, known as Smithells® Professionals, to use the Smithells® Career Planning System with 15-30 year olds.
  • Smithells® Professionals are specially trained to do face-to-face career counselling with teenagers, school leavers and young adults, by explaining and exploring the information in their Career Information Summary.
  • Smithells® Professionals also help clients set clear career directions; choose school subjects, jobs, occupations or qualifications, and map out workable steps in a career plan.
  • Through this website, Smithells®NZ provides access to two versions of the 'fun and helpful' online Smithells® Career Planning Questionnaires.
  • Teenagers, school leavers and young adults who complete the online Smithells® Career Planning Questionnaires, are emailed, by Smithells®NZ, a confidential, personal Career Information Summary with some explanation and feedback.
  • Smithells®NZ encourages every young person who completes the Questionnaires, to make an appointment with a Smithells® Professional, to add value to the information in their Data Summary. A consistent 90% of our young web clients do this.
  • To contact any Smithells® Professional, click here.




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