How secure is my information on the Smithells®NZ website?

Your confidential personal and vocational information is secure on the Smithells®NZ website (see below).

  • Our web technical team, who have been with us for over nine years, and who built and regularly maintain the Smithells®NZ website, make sure all information you enter is kept secure.
  • When you register and pay for access to the Career Planning or Update Questionnaires, or for other services and goods that may be offered by Smithells®NZ on this website, your payment is made through a secure payment system, and an integrated Card Security Code (CSC) system.
  • The secure payment and CSC systems involve: Paymark (part of Merchant Services at the ANZ National Bank), Pay Station as the Certified Solution Provider (CSP) who provides the internet payment gateway, and Macrotech Ltd, the web host company, who created the online payment, invoice and receipt system for Smithells®NZ.
  • When you (or your sponsor) go the Payment page on the Smithells®NZ website to pay online, you will see three things that confirm the secure nature of our payment system. In the web address box at the top of your screen, the first five letters will now be 'https' (the 's' stands for secure). You will also see a locked padlock symbol, and a shield. with the word 'Certified' on it.
  • The 's' in 'https' stands for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This means that any information that you send from your computer to the Smithells®NZ server (for example, payment information, questionnaire answers, contact information, or a request for an appointment) is encrypted (changed into code) and protected from being read, copied or understood by any other person on their computer.
  • When you do the Career Planning or Update Questionnaires, and when you request or confirm an appointment with a Smithells® Professional, you will see while you are online, the same letters 'https' in the web address box at the top of your screen. Again, this tells you that no one else can read, copy or make sense of your answers.




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