After completing the questionnaires, what do I do next?

90% of all our web clients decide to book an appointment and see a Smithells® Professional.

They say doing this really adds extra value for their career planning.

If you have not yet booked an appointment with a Smithells® Professional

  • Stay online
  • Return to the Home Page, click on 'Appointments', then on 'Who are the Smithells® Professionals?'
  • Find your local or nearest Smithells® Professional
  • Click on a name to access his/her bio page
  • To contact any Smithells® Professional to make an appointment, click on that person's name at the bottom of their bio page
  • Find out from him/her what to do before your appointment

If you already have booked an appointment with a Smithells® Professional

  • Contact your Smithells® Professional by email (or phone)
  • Send him/her an email confirming you are coming to the appointment, and then
  • Forward the Career Information Summary you received to your Smithells® Professional
  • This gives your Smithells® Professional time to prepare for your appointment




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