Smithells® Questionnaires

Instructions: Steps to access and complete the online Career Planning Questionnaires or Update Questionnaires

  • Have your credit card ready (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Register (this is your initial login)
  • Pay online for access to do the Questionnaires
  • Payment accepted by Smithells®NZ’ secure and confidential payment system
  • Receive an email with a receipt and an ‘activation key
  • Your ‘activation key’ is a long list of letters and numbers designed to protect your access and keep your answers confidential
  • Copy the ‘activation key’ from the email and paste it into the ‘activation key’ box on the website, as instructed
  • Click ‘Access Questionnaires’ button
  • If you are a first-time client, click on Career Planning Questionnaires; if you have already been to a career planning appointment with a Smithells® Professional, click on Update Questionnaires.
  • Click on the first button in the list of questionnaires to begin
  • Complete all questionnaires, in one or more sessions.
  • Remember to type in or click on an answer in each part of each questionnaire.
  • If a question has two choices (EITHER or OR) choose just one of these, not both.
  • If you prefer to take more than one session, stop or click the Logout button after finishing any of the questionnaires. Login again when it suits.
  • If you logout in the middle of a questionnaire, your answers for that questionnaire will not be saved.
  • If you have difficulties with accessing or doing the Questionnaires, click the Contact Us button on the Home Page.
  • Send a message explaining your difficulty. The Smithells®NZ web management team will reply as soon as they are able to.

Note: From your payment date, you have a full two months to complete all questionnaires, before your access to them runs out.

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