Tim Smithells

PhD (Arizona), DipTchg, DipAdlCslg, CertMaoriSt
Approved Smithells® Professional

Tim Smithells is a registered psychologist and career professional. He works from an office in Kahikatea Drive, Hamilton. Tim has post-graduate training in vocational psychology and career counselling & planning. He has substantial experience in the careers field, in New Zealand and overseas.

Tim has a life-long love of sport, as a player, captain, coach and mentor. He enjoys tramping and the challenge of long-distance trekking. Tim speaks languages, plays the guitar and likes having a construction project ‘on the go’.

Tim has worked in a wide range of fields, including construction, agriculture, health sciences, education and social services. He has been back working in the careers field for the last 20+ years.

In 1998, Tim and his wife Juliana set up Smithells Careers to address a gap in independent career planning services for 15-30 year olds. Since then, Tim has worked full-time in career planning with adolescents and young adults.

Tim is a professional member of the Career Development Association of NZ, the NZ Psychological Society and the NZ Association of Counselling. He has served each at national level.

PLEASE NOTE: Tim continues to arrange appointments for his current and ongoing clients and client families. Tim is now able to accept and arrange appointments for some brand new clients.

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