Smithells® Questionnaires

What are the Full and Update sets of Smithells® Questionnaires?

The Full and Update sets of Smithells® Questionnaires...

  • Are a set of online question screens created for young people aged 15-30 years
  • Add extra value when you go to an appointment with a Smithells® Professional, to learn more about yourself and plan your next step
  • Were developed and refined with lots of input from young people
  • Provide you with a record of your own thoughts and ideas, together with some explanation and feedback
  • Have been designed to get you thinking more about what matters to you
  • NOTE: Every new client does the Full set of online questionnaires
  • Every client who has already been to an appointment with a Smithells® Professional does the Update set of online questionnaires
  • Both sets of Questionnaires are secure and interactive
  • Both provide you with a emailed PDF summary, plus some explanation and feedback
  • Both are accessible only on the Smithells® NZ website
  • Have been completed by over 15,500 satisfied young people ( click here for Testimonials page )

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