Appointment Information

What if I cannot see an Approved Smithells® Professional?

Many of our clients choose to see their local or nearest Approved Smithells® Professional. Others travel 1-2 hours to see their chosen Approved Smithells® Professional. Some travel 2-4 hours or more. They tell us it is worth the extra cost.

Smithells®NZ recommends you check first with your nearest Approved Smithells® Professionals as to where they see their clients. Some Approved Smithells® Professionals work from offices in a number of towns and cities. Others work out of one office.

With the ongoing impact of COVID-19 some Approved Smithells Professionals are willing to carry out remote consultations, by mutual agreement.

That said, if you live outside New Zealand or in a remote part of New Zealand where there may be difficulties in travelling to see to an Approved Smithells® Professional, Smithells®NZ recommends you see a local career professional who:

  • Will respect your uniqueness and your individual situation rather than just give you general careers information or advice

and who

  • Has a nationally recognized qualification in the careers area (in career development, career guidance, career planning or career counselling), AND
  • Is experienced in doing career planning with 15-30 year olds, AND
  • Holds professional membership of their national careers association (in New Zealand, these are CDANZ and CATE)

Check for names and contact details in Yellow Pages, online or in your telephone book, under the heading "Careers Advice".

  • Select 2-3 career professionals
  • Check their websites, if any
  • Email, text or phone them to check on the points above before making an appointment
  • Explain you want to do career planning, that you have done careers questionnaires online and want help in understanding your Career Information Summary more fully
  • Ask the careers professional if s/he would like you to forward your Career Information Summary to him/her before you go to the appointment