What Smithells®NZ believes

We believe that every client...

  • Is a unique human being
  • Is of value
  • Has the right to ‘tell their story’ and share what matters to him/her
  • Has a life's purpose
  • Has a unique contribution to make, large or small
  • Can change
  • Can benefit from finding out a little more about him/herself
  • Can make accurate choices, with all key information ‘on the table’
  • Can identify career paths that fit him/her well
  • Can develop a clear career focus
  • Can make sound decisions about their next step
  • Can go on into work they enjoy
  • Can take greater charge of their lives and work
  • Will gain from independent career planning with an Approved Smithells® Professional

In our daily work with clients and families, we promote and believe in...

  • Honesty, teamwork and mutual respect as the way to build trust with you
  • Encouragement as a way of growing hope, optimism, courage and confidence
  • Developing a career path and a career focus with every client
  • Building lasting relationships with clients and client families
  • Ethical planning to let clients know about demand and supply in each career of choice


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