Approved Smithells® Professionals

Online / remote consultations available by arrangement with some Approved Smithells® Professionals as indicated

Two messages from Tim and Juliana Smithells:

The five Approved Smithells® Professionals listed below are the only NZ career professionals trained, skilled and experienced in the use of the Smithells® Career Planning System with 15 - 30 year olds.

All Approved Smithells® Professionals:
  • are skilled in the use of the Smithells® System.
  • provide career counselling of the highest quality;
  • are experienced in working with young people, and
  • work independently.

At certain times of year, because of demand, individual Approved Smithells® Professionals may have wait times of weeks to months..

If your first choice of an Approved Smithells® Professional is not available to offer a consultation within your time frame, please contact another Approved Smithells® Professional.

Below is a current list of the Approved Smithells® Professionals. They are listed north to south by where they are located.

  • Click on a name to access a bio page for that Approved Smithells® Professional.
  • To contact any Approved Smithells® Professional to arrange or confirm a consultation, or to find out availability and charges, click on that person’s name at the bottom of their bio page.

Approved Smithells® Professional Based in
David Trought Auckland / Pukekohe / Waikato
Online / remote consultations available
Heather Trought Auckland / Pukekohe / Waikato
Online / remote consultations available
Tim Smithells Hamilton / Waikato
All consultations in person in Hamilton
Juliana Smithells Hamilton - not available for consultations
Anne McLeod Hawkes Bay & Poverty Bay & Manawatu: appointments Havelock North
Online / remote consultations available

When you have a consultation with an Approved Smithells® Professional, he/she will charge you for the cost of the consultation. The cost of the consultation is over and above the cost to do the Questionnaires on the Smithells®NZ website.

Click on the name of the Approved Smithells® Professional above to contact or find out more about him/her.

If you want a consultation urgently, or between specific dates, please state this in your email message to the Approved Smithells® Professional you contact.


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