Approved Smithells® Professionals

Why see an independent Approved Smithells® Professional?

Approved Smithells® Professionals are members of the Smithells® Group.

The Smithells® Group is a national network of independent career professionals, who...

  • Are trained specially to explore and explain the unique information and ideas in your Career Information Summary with you
  • Sit down with you face-to-face, listen to you and your ideas and give you a better understanding of yourself and what matters to you
  • Pin down with you (rather than guess) what career paths suit you and your unique mix of interests, skills, values and preferences
  • Give you completely independent career counselling and advice, because they are paid by you or your family, and not by any school, university, polytechnic or other training organization
  • Make a difference. Clients very often say career planning is ‘fun’, ‘accurate’, ‘covers everything’ and ‘makes you think’
  • Will see you year by year (or as needed) to keep working with you, on each career step, on your career focus and career plan

90% of the 15,000 young people who have completed the Questionnaires have gone on to see an independent Approved Smithells® Professional for career counselling and advice. Many return to see their Approved Smithells® Professional to review their career path(s), to rework their career plan in more detail, to refine or regain their career focus or to add in an extra career step. Many encourage their brothers, sisters, friends, schoolmates, flat-mates or teammates to do the Smithells® Questionnaires online and to book a career planning appointment with an Approved Smithells® Professional. To book an appointment with an Approved Smithells® Professional, click here. If you live outside New Zealand or live in a part of New Zealand where you think it might be difficult to get to an Approved Smithells® Professional, click here.


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